Mieskuoro Sirkat

The main product of our choir is singing. If you want us to sing in your celebrations, exhibitions, opening ceremonies, family events or anniversaries, you may contact our general manager Jari Rantamaki (manager[Ö]sirkat.fi).

You can also contact our vocal groups:

Recordings and graphics

Kissankello Gloria Riemun ääni helähtää Saunadirektiivi Ne laulua kummaa kaikaa

The choir has four recordings for sale: "Kissankello" from the year 1993, which is a collection of compostions by Lassi Utsjoki, "Gloria" from the year 1998, a recording of local Christmas music "Riemun ääni helähtää" from the year 2001, "Saunadirektiivi" from the year 2003 and "Ne laulua kummaa kaikaa" from the year 2012. All recordings cost 5 euros, except "Ne laulua kummaa kaikaa" costs 10 euros. And the whole set is only 15 euros.

You can listen to these samples from our Christmas CD Tule Rakkaus Ihmisrintaan and Muistojen Joulu.

Our expences of five euros will be added to your order in Finland (ten euros abroad), regardless of the amount.

Order by mail: manager[Ö]sirkat.fi. Recordings are available also at our concerts.

Furthermore we have our jubilee years graphics for sale, too. This time it is "SIRKAN KANSSA WAHLGRENILLA" (At Wahlgren's with a Sirkka)by Tuomas Hallivuo and it costs 200 €.

Last updated: 18.8.2019