Mieskuoro Sirkat

How to become a Sirkka ?

Perhaps the best way to get a true picture of Finnish culture is to delve into the musical landscape found in men´s choir music. Singing in a choir stands among the most favored hobbies for Finnish men, with thousands of singers comprising hundreds of male choirs across the country.

Come and experience it for yourself! On any given Monday (aside from holidays), feel free to get acquainted with our choir at our weekly rehearsals at 6:00 pm, which are located in the Jyväskylä Symphony practice rooms, on the 6th floor of the Kolmikulma building (A-stairwell), located at the east end of Kauppakatu. Our rehearsals are open to all, and you are most welcome to simply come listen, whether or not you would like to make a commitment to the choir.

If you are interested in joining the choir, the procedure is quite straightforward. During the rehearsal break (7:30 pm), our director, assistant director, and a few choir members will assess your vocal range after listening to a brief audition. The audition is a simple, stress-free experience involving only a few people, so that new singers have an easy, peaceful transition into the choir. Upon assigning you to your appropriate section, you have the status of a newcomer into the choir.

Newcomers are always warmly welcome into the choir regardless of previous experience or knowledge of music theory. The first year for a newcomer is a time to become acquainted with the choir, develop your singing voice, and decide if the Men´s Choir Sirkat is the best fit for you. Newcomers are not obligated to pay membership dues, with the focus being on learning to sing in harmony with others.

The choir offers many supports, including a mentor, to help you develop your singing voice and feel at home in the choir. It may surprise you how quickly and easily progress is made, perhaps even affecting your speaking voice. Singing in the choir will develop your knowledge of musical theory, history, and, of course, Finnish culture. The choir also offers an excellent opportunity for professional and social networking, connecting people from various backgrounds, fields, and industries.

While the primary language of operations in the choir is Finnish, we can easily accommodate speakers of English and warmly welcome Finnish language learners. Singing Finnish choir music could be a great way for you to develop your Finnish language skills! Additionally, our repertoire includes songs in Swedish, English, German, and Italian, among others, so multilingual members are seen as valuable assets to the choir.

Joining as a full member of the choir involves setting aside Monday evenings for choir rehearsals from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., as well as participation in concerts, choir events, and community functions. These include the annual Sirkat gala in the autumn, various trips, choir festivals, the May Day (Vappu) concert, Christmas concerts, and after-parties. Once a month we also enjoy a post-rehearsal "detention", held in Poppari or another local pub, where we keep alive the tradition of singing and raising a toast to the rich cultural heritage of men´s choir music.

Any further questions are welcome via email to information(at)sirkat.fi.

Picture credits: Tapani Tuomikoski, "detention" photo Alina Kilpela.
Last updated: 18.8.2019