Mieskuoro Sirkat

Sirkat already 114 years

Male Choir Sirkat have their rehearsals in Kolmikulma on mondays at 6 pm.

We are willing to take in new singers (see guidance in 'Join us').


Events are published on Finnish pages

Sirkka News

We will publish every spring our culture oriented magazine Sirkka News. We are constantly searchig for culturefriendly advertisers.

The Traditional May Day Concert

On May Day every year regardless of the weather we will give our free concert boldly out of doors on Kolmikulma's stairs.

The Art Gallery of Sirkat

We will have our jubilee years graphics for sale.

Jubilee graphics is a work of the artist Tuomas Hallivuo and it is called "At Wahlgren with a Sirkka". The prize of it is 270 €.

The art works are sold in order to support our activities.

Last updated: 18.8.2019